Presentation of Queens Scouts Award Certificate – August 1995

Dot, Joins Paddy and Stuart for the official photograph.
Stuart Holand, D.C. of Charnwood district presents Paddy Oakman with his Queens scout cetificate at the syston scout Headquarters

Syston Scout Group Presentation Evening 19th October 1984

Presentation of Conservation Badges to Syston Scouts – September 1983

County Commissioner’s Reception for Queen Scouts Award Holders – 30th March 1983

The second County Commissioner’s Reception of the year for Chief Scout’s Award Holders was held at the Guildhall in Leicester.
The Certificates were presented by Sir Ernest Oliver.

Above: Stuart Hall receives his Queen’s Scout Certificate, while John Preston awaits his turn. In the background is the County Commissioner,
Rod Essex and his wife Chris.

Right: As this was Rod’s last public event as County Commissioner, he was presented with a farewell gift of a shooting stick by his successor, Noel Freer.
In the background on the left is the Field Commissioner, Bud Shackleton, the A.C.C. Scouts, Barrie Percival and Mrs Shackleton. On the right are Rod’s two children.